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About B4U Cabs

B4U is not just a simple transportation business that moves people within the city. It’s a dream of taking over the Pakistan Transportation industry. The company was launched with a simple idea in mind, “create a one tap solution for both customers and drivers.”The technology was first introduced in 2016, since then, it has taken the roots in Pakistan’s transportation category and became the best ride haling service in Pakistan in a very short time.

About B4U Cabs

Not Just Another Billion-Dollar Company

It’s not just about becoming a billion-dollar company. Becoming a billion-dollar company is easy but becoming a trusted partner in people lives is harder than it looks. We at B4U consider our members our family, we believe that a rider or a driver both should have equal chance of becoming a valuable contributor in our success. We value our members more than any other international or local transportation services provider in Pakistan.

Our Success Story

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”That’s what we do here at B4U, we always look for the other side of the image and our team of experts keeps finding the ways that are built on true trust and lead us to success. B4U registered more than 25000 plus verified and qualified bosses (drivers) in the first month of the launch. Now we have hundreds of bosses driving around Lahore and moving people one place to other.“People trust is Our Success,” your trust is what we are after. Your trust on B4U Cabs can help us grow and provide transportation service around Pakistan.

B4U Cabs
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